Gaetano Pesce | Mental And Physical Elasticity

Gaetano Pesce | Mental And Physical Elasticity Image

An architect by profession but a designer at heart, Gaetano Pesce has certainly managed to blur the boundaries between art and architecture. A verified product designer Pesce has managed to find a fine balance between mental and physical elasticity. His radical approach to design manages to interlock a pragmatic functionality within the avant-garde aesthetics of his designs. Renowned for the great versatility in all his designs, be it simple products, furniture, or even architecture, Pesce has always postulated a single, fundamental idea; that modernism is not just a single, stagnant idea, but a groundbreaking, static concept that articulates the present, while acknowledging the past. Further, we will look at a figurative timeline of Gaetano Pesce’s career and accomplishments respectively.

Gaetano Pesce And Architecture

Pesce studied Architecture in the University of Venice between 1958 and 1963, after which he was card-carrying member of the ‘Gruppo N’ initiative, which was designed in the image of the Bauhaus Movement.

Gaetano Pesce | Mental And Physical Elasticity Image
Alberto Biasi, Ennio Chiggio, Toni Costa, Edoardo Landi And Manfredo Massironi – Founders Of Gruppo N

Gaetano’s designed differed from the rest because of their uncanny but relatable juxtaposition between art and architecture. Many of his architectural designs were literal personifications of art itself. His buildings were an ode to all the problems of our contemporary present. The most well-known of his designs include Organic Building in Osaka, a stylish vertical garden of a building described as ‘an early workplace village modelled  after urban life.’

A Passion For Industrial Design

Gaetano Pesce has always experimented with the design of utilitarian products within context of form and functionality. His designs relate to environment, emotion, pragmatism and find a balance between all three to give an artful culmination in a single product. Pesce has thrived in the field of industrial design since 1960 – the earliest of his career – because of his avant-garde take on most simple of products. His designs are unique yet sensible, artful yet pragmatic, and that is what attracts people to his mindful creations. Some of his most iconic pieces include the Up Chair and the I Feltri.

Italian Emotional Approach To Product of Italian Design image
Italian Emotional Approach To Product of Italian Design

Product Design Techniques

Pesce’s passion for product design has resulted in the innovation of several techniques that takes in account the formation of organic forms within useable means. Gaetano Pesce is the father of many innovative techniques such as the “Diversified Series” in which he experimented with the combination of craft manufacturing and mass production methodology. Another proactive experiment by Pesce was the infusion of ordinary materials with experimental additives for simplifying the manufacturing process back in 1987.

Fish Design

Gaetano Pesce has also come up with the distinct design of some very fashionable Vases. Better known as Fish or Corsi Design, these vases have an artful, organic form and offer a varied palate for users of all kind. The Fish Design Vases all have unique detailing because of their handcrafted design and offer a rich, qualitative visual experience.

Gaetano Pesce | Mental And Physical Elasticity Image
Resin Vases By Gaetano Pesce For Fish Design

Professional Recognition

Gaetano Pesce’s groundbreaking work in the field of industrial design has led to several awards, as well as a publications. His work is featured in 30 prominent collections around the globe; including MoMa in New York, Vitra Museum in Germany and Pompidou and Louvre in Paris.


The timeline of Gaetano Pesce’s lifetime achievements shows how diversified the field of art and design is, and how this experimentation has led to new avenues in design that promote the utmost mental and physical elasticity within the bounds of variant ideologies and fields of design.


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