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Nendo is an international Japanese collaboration of designers and architects who have taken on an innovative and fresh approach to design with their interiors, buildings and products. Their offices are located in Milan, Singapore and Tokyo. The group is directed under Oki Sato, and represents a diversified and cultured alternative to all self-celebratory design that has been taking over the contemporary world.

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Oki Sato – Founder Of Nendo

Formulated in 2002, Nendo has strived to achieve the utmost flexibility, functionality and style within their designs. Their namesake, ‘Nendo’ literally translates to the word ‘clay’ therefore representing their one-word ideology even in their title; pliability. In just a small amount of time since its conception, Nendo had managed to accrue an international recognition as well as a formidable portfolio in several design genres.


The main ideology of Nendo revolves around creating a flexibility in their products that makes them not only easy to use, but also stylistic and fashionable. Their work revolves around simple, but innovative concepts that are adapted to the genres of product design, interiors, furniture and installations. Simplicity and functionality are the keystones of Neno’s designs.

Japanese Design | Modern And Minimalistic Qualities image
Japanese Design | Modern And Minimalistic Qualities

Nendo is best known for designing high-concept furniture, retail stores and exhibition spaces – all of which are a definite challenge in manipulating large spaces in functional, but pleasing outlooks.

Current Location

Nendo’s current main office in Tokyo is located in the historic Sogetsu Headquarters in the Minto district. The building was designed by Kenzo Tange in 1977, and is a renowned historical landmark. Nendo’s office space is located on the 6th floor and the interior of the studios respect the context of the building while emulating their own concepts in the interior. The space is simple, yet pragmatic with multiple working spaces, a library, meeting rooms including a studio model room where the creative process takes on a physical form.

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Jellyfish Vase For Milan Design Week By Nendo – 2017

International Recognition Of Nendo

In 2015, they exhibited a large range of products in designs for Milan Design Week. The exhibition was successful and showcased a genre of designs including graphics, products and installations. The studio is planning on organizing a solo exhibition during the upcoming Salone de Mobile in Milan, around April. Right after they plan to do a large event in the Marche Department Store in Paris, after which they will hold a retrospective exhibition at the Grand Honoru in Belgium.

Aside from that, they’ve been working with Friedman Benda Gallery in New York for around six years, and they’ve showcased their designs in Taiwan Design Museum, Taipei and Design Museum, Holon – which were one of the first museums to contact them since the conception of the studio.

Nendo – Gives People A Small Moment Image
Key To Style For Seibu Department Store By Nendo – 2015


Despite the international fame of Nendo’s product designs, Oki Sato assures that Nendo is not just a conventional industrial design venture. They recently designed uniforms for a Rugby team in Japan, designed content for a Japanese drama and collaborated with Disney to manufacture Winnie the Pooh themed furniture. An extensive list of their products and designs could be found on notable sites such as Dezeen, Design Boom and more.


Nendo’s artful flexibility and pragmatic designs have propelled them to international fame, and the studio continues to strive for better, more authentic design venture in the future.


All the images has been taken from Nendo’s official website.

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