What Is Strategic Design?

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Change is the new driving master of the design world, and Strategic Design has come out as a revolutionary solution to all usual design woes. The basic definition of Strategic Design could be studied in two parts; strategy and design. ‘Strategy’ implies that you have a goal, while ‘Design’ refers to a creative solution to a specific problem. So this kind of design is basically coming up with strategies that are future-oriented to increase the innovative and marketable qualities of any business.Continue Reading →

What Is Product Design?

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Product design is an extremely vast and continuously progressive genre of design. It refers to the designing of new products that could either be customized or produced for mass appeal. The ‘product’ in product design could mean anything ranging from devices used on a daily basis, furniture, utensils and more. Successful product design can essentially be toned down to a process. It includes the following steps:Continue Reading →

How To Design For The Other 90 Percent?

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Most of the designs in the contemporary world cater to that very specific 10%. This is especially relevant in context with product design in general. Understanding the class position of the target user is extremely important, especially if you want your product to be successfully marketed. If you’re marketing your product to a specific class, then you need to rethink either your product or your strategy. Designs aimed for the high class tend to be refined in a subtle yet understated sort of way. However, if your design is streamlined, then it can cater to a wider public. It will improve the branding strategy while attracting a more massive public response. Further, let’s look at some of the ways you could make your designs more suitable for the other 90 percent.

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Designing For The Other 90%

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Most of the designs in the contemporary world cater to that very specific 10%. This is especially relevant in context with product design in general. Understanding the class position of the target user is extremely important, especially if you want your product to be successfully marketed. The design for the other 90% is aimed at creating opportunities for the people – especially migrants to cities – and is a culminated effort of communities, architects, designers and public organizations that offer affordable designs in the form of urban planning, affordable housing, informal education, entrepreneurship and more.

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How To Make Color Harmony In Your Living Room

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The living room is always designed to be within the center of any home. As such, its design is the cynosure of your entire home interior. How you design your living room will reflect on the rest of your spaces, and the most important aspect of any holistic interior design is the color harmony. The right color palate will bring out the best of your living room space, and create a fine ambiance that would be equally relatable to relaxing as well as entertaining. The most important part of implementing any color scheme in your living room involves creating the perfect harmony. This means creating a balance between the visual weights of all the colors you want in your interior. Further, let’s look at just how you can create that coveted harmony within your living room via colors.Continue Reading →

Compasso d’Oro – The Oldest And Most Influential Design Award

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Recognition for one’s services is one of the most important part of being a designer, and the Compasso d’Oro – also known as the Golden Compass – is a prestigious award that has honored designers for their innovative work and advents in the field of industrial design for over quarter of a century now. Established in Italy, in the year 1954, it is the single most recognized international award in the field of design. The Compasso d’Oro strives to motivate designers to come up with the best quality and original ideas in their fields. The influence of this award is widespread and its repute has now made it all winners a contender for the national heritage.Continue Reading →

Concept Design | A Fantasy Or Reality

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According to Merriam Webster, a “concept” is an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances. Concept design can therefore be viewed as a design idea with a main theme.

What Is Concept Design?

In many instances concept design is a stage of product development preceding the “detailed design” stage. In this case, it is used to establish a product’s form, illustrate its function and guide engineering stages in creating a prototype. The concept is demonstrated visually with all information and instructions to create a real thing.Continue Reading →

Interaction Design | How Users Interact with Products

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Interaction design (IxD), is a component under the User Experience Design Umbrella. It focuses on the way users interact with physical or digital products, systems, environments and services. IxD is more interested in behavior than form, and synthesizes and imagines how things are likely to be rather than analyzing how they are. Interaction designers seek to understand how users communicate with a certain technology to help them anticipate how those users interact with the system or product, fix any inherent problems early, and find new solutions.

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How Different Are The Design Problems We’re Dealing With Nowadays?


The last several years have seen an evolution in the way designers approach different design problems. Whether it’s the development of an effective marketing campaign for a new product in a saturated market, or the creation of a new mobile app, designers face a new pool of challenges.

These design problems as they have evolved call for adjustment in how we approach them and their solutions.

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What Is Problem Solving In Design?

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Many times design is referred to as “Problem Solving”, sometimes by seasoned designers. But how true is such an expression? While this is often a metaphorical expression meant to point out the main focus of design as functionality and meeting specific needs, such an oversimplification overlooks aspects of process, strategy and methods whose individual direct results are not the actual solutions to specific  problems, but are iteratively interconnected in a loop of “design thinking”.

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What Is Communication Design?

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Communication Design is a hybrid of design and information, which concerns itself with transmission of information between media such as electronic media, printed media, presentations or crafted media and people. The communication design approach seeks to integrate the message with the aesthetics in media, as well as develop channels for delivering the message to the target audience.

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What Is User Experience Design?

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User experience design (UX-design) is a design methodology comprising of integrated processes that seek to generate positive emotions among product or system users by enhancing their satisfaction through improving the accessibility, usability and friendliness in the user/product (or system) interaction. The sole objective of UX design is to offer a great experience to the users.

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Ergonomics And Design

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“Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely” – Merriam Webster. It forms a central aspect of the human-centered design approach, and it seeks to design products, systems, or processes with an account of their interaction with the people who use them.

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What Is Sustainable Design?

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Sustainability is the ability to remain in a predefined state of things indefinitely. In a broad sense, sustainable actions seek to adopt methods that do not lead to depletion of, or strain on resources in the pursuit of satisfying present needs to a level that threatens the well-being of future users of the same resource. Sustainable design can thus be defined as a design philosophy that seeks to comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

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Marketing And Market Saturation Effects On Iconic Designs

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Iconic designs are products that have ‘timeless user appeal’. They are all – time classics with an enormous touch of excellence and high standards. Iconic products are easily recognizable and elicit diverse emotional reactions. They could evoke nostalgia, ‘wow’ factor and great admiration.

The longevity of the iconic designs is a proof of superior characteristics and quality, unfading demand and blatant defiance to obsolescence. These brands have not attained their status by exclusively relying on heavy marketing but rather their universal appeal to consumers as a result of their superior features that has made them stand out. Marketing is only done to reinforce the status and protect market share from rivals staging aggressive market campaigns. There are several brands that have achieved the status of “Iconic” design (by merit) like; Coca-Cola, Nike, IKEA, APPLE and many others.

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