Gio Ponti – Everything Is Going From The Heavy To The Light

Gio Ponti – Everything Is Going From The Heavy To The Light Image

Gio Ponti was an influential Italian architect, designer and artist. His work was truly all-encompassing, transcending genres and focusing on iconic ideas and creativity. His contributions to the Italian design industry are countless. From architecture and interior to even furniture design and writing, there is nothing Gio Ponti has not contributed to in his lifetime. Further, let’s take a look at some of his many contributions to the industry.Continue Reading →

Nendo | Give People A Small Moment

Nendo – Gives People A Small Moment Image

Nendo is an international Japanese collaboration of designers and architects who have taken on an innovative and fresh approach to design with their interiors, buildings and products. Their offices are located in Milan, Singapore and Tokyo. The group is directed under Oki Sato, and represents a diversified and cultured alternative to all self-celebratory design that has been taking over the contemporary world.

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Andrea Branzi | Architect And Designer

Andrea Branzi – Architect and Designer Image

Design is a field without boundaries and Andrea Branzi has tackled all manners of design ventures – be it architectural, urban, industrial or even cultural. Branzi is a master of all trades, but he started out his career with architecture.  In 1966 Branzi graduated with an incredible thesis project known as Supermarket – Luna Park, the concept and design of which he implemented in his Luna Park II at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Right after graduation, Andrea Branzi, along with a group of talented peers formed the Archizoom Associati a design firm that handled conceptualizations of anti-designs. Branzi is a pioneer in theoretic as well as practicing architectural dynamics. His work has been widely recognized and appreciated. Further, we’ll look at some of Branzi’s distinguished achievements.Continue Reading →

Gaetano Pesce | Mental And Physical Elasticity

Gaetano Pesce | Mental And Physical Elasticity Image

An architect by profession but a designer at heart, Gaetano Pesce has certainly managed to blur the boundaries between art and architecture. A verified product designer Pesce has managed to find a fine balance between mental and physical elasticity. His radical approach to design manages to interlock a pragmatic functionality within the avant-garde aesthetics of his designs. Renowned for the great versatility in all his designs, be it simple products, furniture, or even architecture, Pesce has always postulated a single, fundamental idea; that modernism is not just a single, stagnant idea, but a groundbreaking, static concept that articulates the present, while acknowledging the past. Further, we will look at a figurative timeline of Gaetano Pesce’s career and accomplishments respectively.

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Adelaide Acerbi | Mrs. Design

Adelaide Acerbi | Mrs. Design Image

Adelaide Acerbi graduated in stage design from the Brera Academy and was responsible for Driade communication right from the beginning. She supervised its artistic direction, graphic design and visual merchandising and produced its furnishing manuals, books and packaging- an intensive corporate identity project that won Driade the Compass d’Oro in 1981 for its coordinated image.

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Michele De Lucchi | Everything Evolves

Michele De Lucchi | Everything Evolves Image

“We should think of the workspace as a gymnasium for the mind, conceiving it as a place where relationships generate new ideas and possibilities. The office of the future should be visualized with the focus on lifestyles unfettered by convention, evolving spaces that perpetuate an endless stream of new ideas”, Michele De Lucchi. This is the guiding principle by which Michele De Lucchi has conceived and created his designs over the last three decades.

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Le Corbusier | A Man Who Could Create Just Anything

Le Corbusier | A Man Who Could Create Just Anything image

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris a.k.a. Le Corbusier went down in history as a designer who could create just about anything. This pompous reverence of one man from a generation like the 20th century characterized by so many legendary designers and architects may look unwarranted, but a careful examination of Le Corbusier’s five decades career reveals a lot to be admired and worthy of universal acclamation.

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Bruno Munari | A Bridge Between Art and Life

Bruno Munari | A Bridge Between Art and Life image

Bruno Munari stands out as one of the world’s most decorated Italian artists and designers. He worked through different art and design movements including; Surrealism, Futurism and concrete art. However, despite his wide work in all the movements, he remained philosophically independent and created unique work exploring functional and uselessness concepts that were reflected the independence of his work.

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Milton Glaser | The Mind Behind I ♥︎ NY

Milton Glaser | The Mind Behind I ♥︎ NY image

The “I ♥︎ NY” logo has had far reaching influence than any other in history. Having been contacted to help with the graphic design in the New York State marketing campaign led by Wells Rich Greene, Milton Glaser was headed to one of the campaign meetings in the back of a yellow taxi in Manhattan in 1977 when he conceived the phenomenal idea that would cast his name in stone in the history books.

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