How Constructivism Movement Effect The Architecture & Design World?

How Constructivism Movement Effect The Architecture & Design World? Image

The Constructivism Movement was one of the most influential Modern Art movement in the early twentieth century. It flourished in Russia and was inspired by revolution. At its heart, it was a movement inspired by the idea of ‘change’ and ‘revolution.’ These abstract concepts seeked to abolish the designed symmetry and traditional composition with something more industrial and man-made. This is why it is called the Constructivism Movement; because it is inspired by the idea of ‘constructing’ newer goods and products using mass production by exploring modern materials. In the end, this movement fettered out and stopped gaining momentum because there was a huge wave of hostility for any avant-garde in the Bolshevik Regime. Let’s look at how this movement effected the architecture and design world.Continue Reading →

10 Important Steps To Follow For A Clean Design

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Clean design may seem like the easiest thing to conjure, but there is a lot more to it than you could possibly know. It is a challenge of utmost proportion to create designs that appeal to the eye when they’re stripped completely off their frou-frou accoutrements. There is a fine line between ‘minimal’ and ‘stark.’ One is by design, the other is a by-product of failed efforts.Continue Reading →

Borders For Ads And Product Information

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Ads are used for the promotion and marketing of products and services, provided by individuals or companies. They appear at multiple places like channels, websites, inside application, and other places where real estate is available. The person who wants to promote his service pays a fee to the website owner, app developer or the search engine. The fee is paid to rent the real estate for advertising purpose.Continue Reading →

How Marketing And Ads Ate Our Culture

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Only in the age of persuasion it is possible that the first thing we hear from our clock radio in the morning, and the last thing we see before our eyes flutter slowly shut at night, are advertisements.

Early each morning we might hear a half-dozen ads on the radio before our feet touch the floor. Staggering out of bed, we’ll pass brand logos on our clothing as we make our way to the privy, where we’re surrounded by bottles of Head & Shoulders shampoo, the toothpaste, the deodorant, a Gillette razor, and Ivory soap. We eye the Alka-Seltzer, remembering that glass-too-many of gin and tonic last night.Continue Reading →

The Future Of Furniture Design And Tech

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Throughout history, designers have always dreamt and drawn a future for home furnishings design and manufacturing. Some of these visions are realized and find their way to the present, while others flop, sink to the bottom and are discarded for new ones. So much has changed in furniture design industry except its purpose – supporting human activities and the aesthetic enhancement of home décor.

Over the last century, furniture has undergone major changes, not only in design but also in materials and manufacturing processes and methods.

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The Elegance Of Imperfection In Design Products

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The discussion surrounding imperfection is one marred by perception sensitivities. One person looks at imperfection negatively and another looks at it with a positive eye. These opposing perspectives result to a bipolar consideration of the ‘imperfect’ as either faulty or incomplete. The latter borrows from the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, which promotes the aesthetic embracing of the impermanence, transience, and evidence of use in an ingenious setting of the natural world.

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Pokémon Go And A New Era Of Marketing

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For quite some time now, augmented reality (AR) apps have been in use in various spheres of life. There are apps that can be used to identify constellations on the sky, others that can show a mountain climber his altitude, and others used by mechanics to work on vehicle parts amongst many others. However, no AR app has been able to draw the kind of hype drawn by Pokémon Go. Within two weeks of its launch, Pokémon Go had been downloaded over 15 million times across the five countries of its coverage.

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Critical Design | The Impact Of Social And Environmental Trends

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Critical design may be described as a critical theory based approach to design. Critical deign uses design to challenge preconceptions about the role that products play in everyday life. It aims to discover new areas of interest and original goals for designers. It focuses on studying the impact that new technologies and policies, and of worldwide social and environmental trends have on designers. Critical design was made popular by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby through their firm Dunne & Raby. Dunne and Raby describe it as an attitude or a position rather than a method.  It is the opposite of affirmative design, which is design that reinforces the status quo.

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