Danese – The Culture Of Respecting Values That Are Still Modern

Danese – The Culture Of Respecting Values That Are Still Modern Image

Danese Milano is one of the oldest and most reputable Italian design manufacturers in the world. Although their designs and products are a solution to modern dilemmas, there is a very dated look about them all, which gives the impression of aesthetics that respect values but are still modern.

A pioneer in both industrial and graphic design, Danese has a reputation that has been upholding a cultural as well as a contemporary insignia since 1957. All of their products reflect a combination of superior quality, innovative concepts and a touch of tradition which collectively defines the very image of the company. Further let’s look at some important aspects of the company and the genre of designs it manufactures.

Italian Emotional Approach To Product of Italian Design image
Italian Emotional Approach To Product of Italian Design

 Establishment Of Danese & Initial Philosophy

Danese was founded in 1957 by Bruno Danes and Jacqueline Vodoz. The second half of the ‘50s was a particularly important period in relation to innovative designing. The basic foundation of the Danese’s design genre spans through a number of industries. These include Photography, Graphic Design and Visual Arts – and the goal was to manufacture in a way that would balance the demands of the industry, craft and market in a harmonious way. From the very beginning, Danese manufactured objects, art and installations that were versatile enough to fit within any setting; be it residential, commercial or even educational.

 Main Designers

Danese is a collaborative design firm – which means that since its conception there have been a number of designers that have been collaborating on the best of designs. Their process is all about conducting an intense dialogue between the producers, designers and artisans to get the best possible results.

Bruno Munari | A Bridge Between Art and Life image
Bruno Munari | A Bridge Between Art and Life

Bruna Murani and Enzo Mari used to be the main design team – and the ones who actually came up with the company logo. Later, they were joined by Angelo Mangiarotti, Achille Castiglioni, Kuno Prey and Marco Ferreri.

Graphic Design

Della Natura is one of the most famous graphic design productions created by Enzo Mari. He was inspired by perfect proportions and each graphic is an artsy representation of animals and fruits. The interpretation of these designs have been left to the imagination of the person, and the artwork is versatile enough to be displayed in any setting – be it in a home, office, or even a children’s bedroom.

Danese – The Culture Of Respecting Values That Are Still Modern Image
Della Natura By Enzo Mari For Danese

Modus Operandi

Danese is an intellectual venture; which means that there is a lot of thought and research that goes behind each product; whether it would be right for serial production or not. The idea is to create something that transcends the ‘current trend’ into something that is timeless. Enzo Mari himself has been quoted to say that “When I make something for Danese, I take the view that it has to outlive the current design trend…the idea being that something that is relevant today will be relevant in three hundred years time


Danese is an international venture with head offices in Milan and Hong Kong. Their designs could be categorized into three categories; living, working and light – with each being relatable within context of human and space design.


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