Entertainment Vs Infotainment

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As the world has advanced and we have become busier with our lives, we require some time for leisure to relax. The daily hustle and bustle of our tough routines leave us quite stressed out and we require some kind of relaxation.


Entertainment is a type of activity which provides relaxation, pleasure, and enjoyment. It can be any activity, idea or a task. Over the past thousand or more years, there are many activities which have developed and have the sole purpose of providing enjoyment and delight to people.

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People like and enjoy different things and different activities and these are classified as their entertainment preferences. There are many activities which people take part in to get entertained. Music, storytelling, dance, performance and drama are some forms of entertainment which exist in every culture. In the ancient times, these were supported by the royal courts and transformed into sophisticated forms of entertainment and were made available to all citizens.

Entertainment is an important part of our daily lives. It brings people together and offers them a way to interact and bond with one another. It can be of any kind ranging from organized group activities like going to banquets, events, musical evenings, festivals or it can be as simple as watching your favorite show on TV for 30 minutes. The main point of entertainment is to relax the person and make him/her refreshed.

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Infotainment is a new term which is formed by the combination of two words: Information and Entertainment. It generally refers to Media which is a source of both entertainment and information for the people. It is also referred to the content which is served to people through various means including the TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper/Print Media and even Video Games. We have become so hooked to our television sets and internet for both information and entertainment that we can simply not imagine our lives without it.

Infotainment is the type of entertainment where we get entertained and get information about different things at the same time. The most common example of this will be watching the news. It is a form of entertainment through which we also get information about what’s happening around. In the modern world, we see that entertainment and information have blended with one another and our media provides a mix of both to us. Infotainment has become the new norm of our societies and we seek both entertainment and information through it.

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Even thou, people enjoy both entertainment and infotainment but it is said that infotainment is, however, a better option of leisure as it not only helps people to get pleasure and enjoyment but also increases the information about certain things in people. A prime example can be watching Food Network or National Geographic Channel for entertainment. We not only enjoy watching these channels just for fun but also gain a lot of knowledge about foods, recipes, cultures, nature and etc.  If the right blend of entertainment and information is provided to the people, infotainment is said to be the best option for people to go for.








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