What Is Strategic Design?

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Change is the new driving master of the design world, and Strategic Design has come out as a revolutionary solution to all usual design woes. The basic definition of Strategic Design could be studied in two parts; strategy and design. ‘Strategy’ implies that you have a goal, while ‘Design’ refers to a creative solution to a specific problem. So this kind of design is basically coming up with strategies that are future-oriented to increase the innovative and marketable qualities of any business.

This includes using traditional design solutions in a brilliant and ergonomic way to products, buildings and services with the bigger picture in mind. Strategic design alters the way we approach current problems and allows us to retaliate in a more durable fashion. So without further ado, let’s look at some of its basic principles and applications.

Concept Design | A Fantasy Or Reality Image
Concept Design | A Fantasy Or Reality

Aim Of Strategic Design

The basic aim of this kind of design is to bolster the three figureheads of any good design process; product branding, product development, corporate branding and identity. It is important to tackle all four of these convention design processes with the future in regard. So when you’re applying strategic design concepts to any business or organization, you have to keep the perpetually changing trends and their future implications in the marketplace.

Understanding Strategic Design

In order to fully implement Strategic design, one has to have an exceptional vision and insight into future trends. Strategic design is always centered on probable technological advancements, social change and user-centered design strategy. This understanding comes from broad in-house expertise and diverse insights.

What Is Strategic Design? Image

The principles of strategic design also imply that observing the trends in not enough – one must also drive the change instead of simply anticipating it in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving product and services trends and run a successful business. This phenomenon is applicable to all business aspects of any organization or design.

The Process Of Strategic Design

Several renowned researchers and design practitioners have divided all strategic design activities into four parts. Let’s take a brief look at them;

  • Setting objectives: Like all design practices, this kind of design also starts from envisioning an idea and inspiring the targeted audience. Of course the conception and implementation of this idea are decided with the future implications in mind.

  • Configuring: This stage is all about simplifying the initial idea into understandable terms. Then you define your goals and structure your branding and corporate image around it.
  • Orchestrating: This is the part where you actually articulate your strategy. When you translate your ideas and align them to fit your business goals, they start to become reality.
  • Embedding: The last part is all about educating your targeted audience about your product. This is what your strategy has finally led you to.

Strategic design is actually the application of future-oriented plans and strategies to all manner of products, buildings and services.


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