Borders For Ads And Product Information

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Ads are used for the promotion and marketing of products and services, provided by individuals or companies. They appear at multiple places like channels, websites, inside application, and other places where real estate is available. The person who wants to promote his service pays a fee to the website owner, app developer or the search engine. The fee is paid to rent the real estate for advertising purpose.

Ads are of two types, printed and online. The printed add has a flat fee whereas online costs per click. Advertising revenue isn’t based on if the user buys something actually, unlike the affiliate marketing, which typically pays out just when the user purchases something.

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Entertainment Vs Infotainment

Product Information

Product Information, on the other hand, contains all the information about the product and is divided into two parts, offers, and catalog data. Offers include all the data which is related to the sale of that product. For example, it’s price, shipping details, availability at different stores, its promotion, etc. This information often changes as it is very dynamic.

Catalog information includes more deep and descriptive data. It includes information like features, unique identifiers, attributes, images, etc. of the product. Both these categories form a comprehensive product record together.

So basically the main difference between ads and product information is that one is used for the marketing, advertisement and promotion purposes, and the other is used to describe the features and accessibility related information. In ads, the details such as why will someone buy this product, what are the uses of that product, what are the benefits of buying the product of this company instead of that company, how will this product change your life and have an impact on your life. Whereas, in product information, technical details are focused.

Borders For Ads And Product Information Image
Food Nutrition Facts

So, we can say that Advertisement of a product is more analytical while Product information is more of a logical piece of information.

Characteristics Of A Good Ad Vs. A Good Product Description

Product Description

    It should speak to the buyer

    It should highlight the benefits of using that product

    It shouldn’t use BS language

    It should use words that sell

    It should be able to tell the story

    It should be easily Scannable


    It should be appealing to emotions

    It should be able to tell the story

    It should be memorable

    It should have the ability of effective targeting

    It should be entertaining

    It should be able to grab your attention

Borders For Ads And Product Information Image
Times Square At Sunset – New York

Borders In Ads And Product Information

In Ads, sometimes we need to make it stand out on the web page or wherever the ad is going to be placed. There we need a border to retain its identity. Similarly, In Product information, we need borders to make a piece of information eye catching. Sometimes, some information is dominant, and some are subdominant. So, to emphasize the authoritative information, a border is created around it. It prioritizes that piece of information and makes you read it first.

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