What Is Communication Design?

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Communication Design is a hybrid of design and information, which concerns itself with transmission of information between media such as electronic media, printed media, presentations or crafted media and people. The communication design approach seeks to integrate the message with the aesthetics in media, as well as develop channels for delivering the message to the target audience.

Sometimes communication design refers to a systems-based approach of designing media to convey messages for a particular culture or organization in one broad integrated process. This is achieved by appealing to the emotions of people by effective pleasurable visual design, while remaining within the boundaries of their cultural expectations.

Why Communication Design?

Communication design aims to make a positive impact in; brand building, increasing sales or for humanitarian reasons through inspiring, creating desire and the motivation to receive a message. This is achieved through the concerted efforts of business thinking, creativity, market research and problem solving strategies. Talented communications designers are able to translate ideas and convey information through different media by employing both the traditional hand skills and strategic thinking in design and marketing. This helps them to establish credibility for their product through the communication.

What Is Communication Design? image

By analyzing, planning, structuring and creating the visual image of a product/brand, communication designers act as consultants in the creative process of design.

Simplifying Complex Messages

Great communication design concisely conveys complex information about an organization in simple terms. For example, a carefully designed logo goes a long way in implanting an organization’s image in people’s minds and easily communicates subtle meanings and emotions without saying any word. Otherwise complicated messages are made easy through techniques like skillful control of colors, images and typography to be easily interpreted by the intended audience.

Throughout the last several decades, communication design has evolved to a complex profession forming a central aspect of human centered design. It has come a long way from designers crafting their information on paper to a more technology based practice that is using advanced software and sophisticated techniques to communicate ideas. These present day communication designers combine versatility and marketing knowledge to confront their problems in producing communication materials.

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Milton Glaser | The Mind Behind I ♥︎ NY

Business Image And Performance

Communication designers and business managers understand the weight of good communication in business strategy. Effective communication aids brand recognition and ultimately makes the company stand out as an authority is the specific service or product due to the positive public image created.


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