Fuorisalone Di Milano | The Most Exciting Moment For The City Of Milan

Fuorisalone Di Milano | The Most Exciting Moment For The City Of Milan image

The ‘Salone de Mobile’ and ‘Fuorisalone’ make up Milan Design Week 2016. Fuorisalone is a highly regarded international event dedicated to design and furniture. The term is used to define the events and exhibitions that liven up the city of Milan during the Salone del Mobile, which is held in the halls of Rho Fiera, 12-17 April.

What Is Fuorisalone?

It is the set of events distributed in different areas of Milan during the time of the Salone de Mobile. During the design week entire areas of the city are dedicated to events, debates, meetings and interaction with visitors. Many of the events that make Fuorisalone so appealing take place in the showrooms of various manufacturers of furniture and industrial design objects. The Fuorisalone, however, not only includes displays of various products, it also encompasses performances, evening parties and night-time events.

History Of Fuorisalone

A look at the history of the Fuorisalone cannot avoid including the Salone del Mobile. These two events are intrinsically linked and together they give expression to the diverse interests of the international design community. The Fuorisalone happened spontaneously and has developed over a period of thirty years.

The ‘60s And ‘70s

The first Salone de Mobile Italiano was opened in 1961, organized by Cosmit (the Committee for the Organization of the Slaone del Mobile Italiano). This was a period of growth for the fair and at the end of the 70s the first example of a company using its own showroom in the city as an extension of its space at the trade fair was seen. This was to set a precedent that was soon to become a marked trait of the exhibition.

The ‘80s

An increasing number of companies were deciding to exhibit their displays in the showrooms and other respected venues in the city center. The Fuorisalone was forming. In 1983 Abitare magazine noticed what was happening in the city and devoted a section of the magazine to the Fuorisalone.

Salone Del Mobile image
Salone Del Mobile

The ‘90s

In 1991 the 30th edition of the Salone de Mobile was moved from September to April. Gilda Bojardi of Interni organized the first Designer’s Week which took place during the time period in September that was previously occupied by the fair. The Designer’s week was a network of city showroom; together these showrooms became known as the first official guide to Fuorisalone. It only lasted for two years and was then moved to coincide with the Salone de Mobile’s new dates in April. Nevertheless, Fuorisalone was given a boost.

The 21st Century

The 21st century saw the creation of the Zona Tortona and the temporary design districts. In 2006 the Fiera di Milano and the Salone moved to Rho. The Fuorisalon is currently expanding into many related sectors including, telecommunications, art, fashion, automotive and food.

Fuorisalone districts

  • Brera – Brera Design Distric

A “historical” area of Fuorisalone. A romantic and bohemian area of Milan.

  • Tortona – Tortona Design (Zona Tortona)

A “historical” district. The first district to be involved in the Fuorisalone.

  • Lambrate – Ventura Lambrate

In the eastern area of Milan. It has emerged recently as a young and more unconventional area.

  • San Babila – Durini, Monforte, Quadrilatero

The newest area involved in Fuorisalone.

  • 5vie – 5 VIE art + design

Literally “the 5 streets” is an area in the central city center made up of narrow streets.

  • Porta Venezia – Porta Venezia in Design and San Gregorio DOCET

Located around Palestro and Porta Venezia area.

  • Porta Venezia –Sant’Ambrogio – Zona Sant’Ambrogio

The middle of a vibrant artistic area, full of monuments and museums.

  • 5 vie – Sarpi Bridge – Oriental Design Week.

Daevas Design at Florisalone 2016

We are proud to announce that Daevas Design will be participating in the Fuorisalone 2016. We invite everyone to visit us at Via Goldoni, 21 – Stephan Jonson’s Showroom.

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