The Future Of Furniture Design And Tech

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Throughout history, designers have always dreamt and drawn a future for home furnishings design and manufacturing. Some of these visions are realized and find their way to the present, while others flop, sink to the bottom and are discarded for new ones. So much has changed in furniture design industry except its purpose – supporting human activities and the aesthetic enhancement of home décor.

Over the last century, furniture has undergone major changes, not only in design but also in materials and manufacturing processes and methods.

Classic Furniture Design

Before the 20th century, handcrafted, solid wood furniture dominated the market, and almost every homestead owned a piece of this furniture generation. These pieces can still be found but are no longer the rule, but rather an exception in an industry now saturated with mass produced furniture that employs industrial automation to cut on labor cost.

Designer Maker vs Industrial Design

Modern technology has diversified furniture Design and accelerated its accessibility to the public as a result of the availability of diverse materials like plastic and particle board. These furniture are however cheaper and of lower durability and aesthetic value compared to quality wood, and need frequent replacement during the life of the user unlike their handcrafted solid wood counterparts.

Furniture Design Evolution

Furniture evolution is even more obvious from a design point of view. Nowadays, furniture style tends to change faster than ever before and homeowners are now able to make a choice from many available different designs giving them a direct access to their tastes and aesthetic appeals. This apparent challenge to established norms in design invigorates creativity and innovativeness in coming up with new styles.

3D Printing: An Innovative Future Or Just Another Tool? image
3D Printing: An Innovative Future Or Just Another Tool?

Furniture design is continually evolving not only in style and beauty but also in employing all the latest available technological advancements to make life within the home easier, greener, more cost-effective and more pleasurable, while keeping in mind an elegant interior.

Whatever the future holds for furniture and interior design, one thing is for sure – it will be technologically and ecologically focused. The services of professional interior designer are increasingly rising in demand as homeowners seek to get the most out of available options for designing and furnishing their home interiors.


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