Gio Ponti – Everything Is Going From The Heavy To The Light

Gio Ponti – Everything Is Going From The Heavy To The Light Image

Gio Ponti was an influential Italian architect, designer and artist. His work was truly all-encompassing, transcending genres and focusing on iconic ideas and creativity. His contributions to the Italian design industry are countless. From architecture and interior to even furniture design and writing, there is nothing Gio Ponti has not contributed to in his lifetime. Further, let’s take a look at some of his many contributions to the industry.

Gio Ponti – Outlook On Design

Ponti’s very first job after graduating was the position of an art director in a ceramics company, which completely defined his outlook on all kinds of design, especially architecture. He didn’t relate architecture to creating incomplete structures.

Italian Emotional Approach To Product of Italian Design image
Italian Emotional Approach To Product of Italian Design

Instead, his philosophy dictated that everything should be thought out in ‘completes.’ This is why his vision always included a complete synthesis of all the small parts that make any building a whole – interior works, accessories, furniture, etc.


Ponti graduated from the Politecnico Di Milano University of Milan in 1921 and started practicing his art in partnership with Emilio Lancia and Mino Fiocchi (1923-1927). During this era, the major conceptual influence over his work was the neo-classical Novecento Italiano movement. His biggest contribution to the field of architecture includes the 32-story Pirelli Tower, which is still one of Milan’s most iconic buildings. The design of the Pirelli Tower gained Ponti immediate international recognition, which led him to gain several international commissions. These included projects in Hong Kong, Venezuela, San Francisco and the iconic Denver Art Museum in 1971.

Gio Ponti – Everything Is Going From The Heavy To The Light Image
Palazzo Pirelli In Milan By Gio Ponti – 1956

Furniture Design

Gio Ponti’s work was all-encompassing. His vision was fine-tuned to develop all aspects of a building while designing its architecture. This included the interior design and furniture. As a result, Ponti ended up designing a vast genre of furniture that includes office furniture, lamps, bedroom furniture, chandeliers,chairs, desks and even accessories like vases. This allowed the user to sit in a completely ‘Ponti’ branded space, in which everything from the architecture to interior and furniture were a true Ponti creation. His goal was to prove that factory generated furniture could be just as stylish as handmade objects. His renowned works include the Silver Candleholder, the 969 Chair and the Dezza Armchair.

Literary Contributions

In addition to being an artist and a designer, Gio Ponti was also a literary enthusiast. His major contribution in this particular field was the creation of the famous Domus Magazine. In 1941, he resigned from Domus and set up the Stile magazine. In the end, circa 1948 he went back to the Domus magazine, whose editing team he was the part of until his death.

Gio Ponti – Everything Is Going From The Heavy To The Light Image
Dezza Armchair By Gio Ponti For Poltrona Frau – 1965

Timeless Designing

Ponti was an expert at blending function with aesthetics. As such, his work was both respectful to its ambiance but also extremely stylish. This made his designs evergreen and timeless; Ponti creations are always in style, no matter the era. Even today, many furniture manufacturers are frequently releasing their designs to the public. The ‘Ponti’ style is an actual gimmick.

Gio Ponti’s body of work is as diverse as it is circumscribe. His life’s work is not only a dedication to the field of art and architecture but also theory and literature.


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