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Kartell has curved a reputation for making uniquely innovative and stylish products sold in over 100 countries in the world through an elaborate marketing and distribution strategy. Originality combined with diversity make the core competencies of the Kartell designers who communicate deep stories masterfully weaved into countless objects over the last 60 years of Kartell’s design history. Every product reflects the environment of its creation, the values of the time and different nuances of contemporary objects of design in each era. In fact, their products have formed an integral part of the domestic utilities.

History Of Kartell

It was founded by Giulio Castelli in 1949. It started off as; auto accessories, lighting fixtures, household goods and laboratory ware producer before opening the Habitat section in 1963 where design of furniture and other items began.

Kartell | Creativity, Innovation And Glamour image
Claudio Luti And Philippe Starck With The Uncle Jim Armchair - Kartell

In 1988 Giulio Luti took over  the leadership, where he concentrated his efforts on design research with an emphasis on quality, surface resonance and tactile perception. He embarked on a collaboration mission with the veteran designers like Phillipe Starcks who highly elevated their profile and innovativeness. Research on materials led to great milestones with Kartell first using Polycarbonate to produce interior design items in 1999. The La Marie chair, a transparent chair, a modernist, minimalist design also resulted from this concerted effort in material manipulation research.

Distinguishing Features

Their typical design is an immediately recognizable character with its evident aesthetic appeal, color, unique form, transparency and playful look. These products are particularly high quality and durable and survive for long durations under multifunctional use. They are also user-friendly, an intimate focus of the their design philosophy.

Kartell Chaise Longue LCP image
Chaise Longue LCP By Maarten Van Severen - Kartell, 2002

Kartell is continuously experimenting with new materials and technologies and often comes up with previously unimagined solutions to both functionality and aesthetics that gives it an edge against competitors. The designs are flexible, democratic and adoptable to new requirements of the global market. This sensitivity to regional diversity in design helps Kartell distinguish its products as universal items usable in many homes across the world regardless of the socio-cultural diversity.


Kartell thrives on pulling talent. Its in-house team is made up of dynamic individuals with diverse skills sets and vast experience. These designers are backed up by a team of world renowned designers who are authorities in different areas of design. Some famous names like Achille Castiglioni, Philippe Starcks, Laviani, Patricia Urquiola, Antonio Citterio and Erwan Bouroullec are just but a few that feature in their list of collaborators. Through a spirited collaboration between these two camps, Kartell reaches a balance between the vision of the company and top-end design practices in the industry across niches.

Achille Castiglioni - Italian Architect And Designer image
Achille Castiglioni - Italian Architect And Designer



The Kartell brand is an iconic figure in modern design and has one of the outstanding brand identity and values – industrial versatility, design innovation, production glamour and vivacity. You can find Kartell products in the elite shopping areas of the major cities all over the world, now reaching a total of 120 flagship stores and 180 shop-in-shops.


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